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We raise all lambs to what we consider (based on our daily observations of the individual lambs) the best age and weight for processing.  Our traditional flock of ewes is bred in the mid-fall, resulting in spring lambs. Generally we like to process yearling lambs, but sometimes we process younger than a year if we determine their size and muscling warrant it. Since we started selling our lamb directly to consumers, the demand has increased to more than meet our increased supply.  Over the years we've grown our herd of ewes that produce and care for good growing lambs. While we sell out all of our Legs of Lamb for Easter, we now raise enough lambs to have our Lamb available for your summer grills.    As our existing lamb customers know, if you would like lamb, please email or fill out a pre-order with us at any of our farmers markets. That way we'll be sure to put aside whatever you would like.  All pre-orders are filled in the order they come in.


Ground Lamb

Shanks (whole)

Lamb Stew

Lamb Kebab

Shoulder chops

Rib chops

Loin chops


Half leg, boneless

Half leg, bone-in

Half Shoulder, boneless

Half shoulder, bone-in

Whole leg, boneless

Whole leg, bone-in

Whole shoulder, boneless

Whole shoulder, bone-in

Rib Roast (whole or half)




Kidneys (Pkg of two)



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