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We have our Bacon, Kielbasa Dogs and linked Breakfast Sausage back in stock today, July 6, 2018.

All of our Sausages are fresh, uncured unless we list them as cured.

All of our Sausages in links are in natural casings.

All of our cured Sausage, Frankfurters, Kielbasa Dogs and  Bacon are made with no nitrates or nitrites.


Ground Beef (1lb packages)

Ground Beef Patties (4 per package/1 lb)

Beef Kebabs

Stew Beef

All beef sausage OUT

All-Beef Frankfurters (cured)  OUT

Short Ribs

Brisket OUT

London Broil from the Round (Round Steak)

London Broil from the Shoulder  (lShoulder Steak)


Flank Steak OUT

Flat Iron Steak  OUT

Skirt Steak (inside or outside)  OUT


Hanger Steak  OUT

NY Sirloin Steak (boneless)

NY Strip Steak (boneless)

Rib Eye Steak (semi-boneless) OUT

T-Bone Steak OUT

PorterhouseSteak OUT

Tenderloin OUT

Beef Liver

Beef Bones  OUT

Beef Heart  OUT

Beef Tongue 

Beef Shanks

Meaty Soup bones

Ox Tail


Ground Pork

Kielbasa Dogs 

Breakfast Sausage (links or bulk) 

Mild Italian Sausage (links and bulk)

Hot Italian Sausage (links and bulk)

Kielbasa (links)


Spare Ribs

Country Style Ribs

Loin Rib Roast

Loin Chops


Fat back

Leaf Lard


Ham, bone in, cured - whole or half    OUT

Ham, boneless, cured - whole or half   OUT

Smoked Ham Steaks  OUT

Tongue  OUT



Currently out of all lamb whole cuts. 

We do have our Lamb with Basil Seasoning Sausage in Stock

Ground Lamb  OUT

Shanks (whole)  OUT

Lamb Stew  OUT

Lamb Kebab OUT

Shoulder chops  OUT

Rib chops  OUT

Loin chops  OUT

Half leg, boneless  OUT

Half leg, bone-in  OUT

Half Shoulder, boneless  OUT

Half shoulder, bone-in  OUT

Whole leg, boneless  OUT

Whole leg, bone-in  OUT

Whole shoulder, boneless  OUT

Whole shoulder, bone-in  OUT

Rib Roast (special order) OUT


Lamb with Basil Seasoning

Lamb Kielbasa  OUT



Kidneys (Pkg of two)


Ground Veal

Stew Veal

Veal Short Ribs

Veal Cutlets

Veal Loin Steak

Veal Tenderloin

Osso Bucco  (cross cut shanks)  

Veal Liver




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