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Posted 3/7/2014 5:25pm by Roberta Browning.

This cold, snowy, gray winter inspired us to try some new cuts, both smoked and fresh. 

Smoked Boneless Hams. In early January we took hams (back legs) to Noacks and asked what they would recommend for nitrate/nitrite free hams.   They turned those big legs into smoked, boneless hams.  These small nitrite/nitrate free hams, in the 2 – 3 pound, have a wonderful smoky flavor without being overly salty. Even without the nitrates/nitrites, there is a nice pink to the meat.  

I cooked one the night Bill brought them home.  I did a quick thaw by putting the vacuum bagged frozen ham (about 2 pounds) into a bowl of cold water. Once thawed, the hams are already cooked, so it's easy to heat it in the oven and have dinner on the table in 45 minutes if it was pre-thawed.  

Then I used the leftover ham to make Scalloped Potatoes with Ham for another meal that week.  (Thanks to Deb Brindamour for that idea!) 

Beef Pot Roasts. This winter weather also had us adding Chuck Roast, Top Round Roast and Bottom Round Roast to the cuts menu, all excellent cuts for slow cooking a traditional pot roast.

COMING SOON - Smoked Ham Steaks. Noacks is currently smoking ham steaks (no nitrates/nitrites) for us,  we should have them back in a few weeks. I think it will add another nice weeknight dinner choice, since they will be fully cooked and only need to be heated.


Posted 3/7/2014 5:22pm by Bill & Roberta Browning.

Socks says Spring IS coming, March 20th!


We are now taking pre-orders for our lamb roast cuts - whole legs, half-legs, and rib roasts.  If there is  something else you would like (rib, loin or shoulder chops, shanks, or ground lamb) please let us know and we'll set that aside for you.  Delivery of Easter orders will be at the SK Farmers' market on April 12th and 19th, or at the farm by appointment.  (Easter is April 20th.) 


Each time we process lamb we quickly sell out of roasts and ground lamb, even though we have been raising more lambs each year.   Last Spring 100% of our legs of lamb were sold by pre-order.  We thank all of you for that, because it's your taste for lamb and your support of our farm that enables us to grow our flock and maintain the consistent quality of lamb that is our goal. 


If you would like lamb for roasting, please send an email or fill out a Pre-Order Form at the market. If you would like leg of lamb, please indicate whether you want whole or half, bone-in or boneless, and for a half leg, if you want the cap or shank.   The whole legs will probably be in the 5-7 pound range. Once we get the meat back from Westerly Packing, I'll have the specific weights and contact you with them. All orders will be filled on a first-ordered  -  first-served basis.  We will do our best to provide you with the cut and size you want.


If you have any questions please email anytime, or come by at the South Kingstown Indoor Market at the Peace Dale Mill Complex on Kingstown Road. We’re there every Saturday, 10 am to 2 pm.


Thank you!




Bill & Roberta Browning
Browning Homestead Farm
161 Matunuck School House Road
Matunuck, RI

Eleven generations dedicated to producing wholesome food.
Posted 3/7/2014 3:38pm by Roberta .

In January we had Noacks make us some Boneless Smoked Hams to try. These delicious little hams are nitrate/nitrite free and were such a big hit we have added them to our regular cuts list. They are fully cooked, in the 2-3 pound range, and simply need to be heated in the oven.   They have sold as fast as we've had them made, so you might want to pre-order to make sure we have them in stock.  I cooked one for us the night Bill picked them up and we were pleased not only with the flavor, but also with the pink color - that's the natural pink color of the meat, not nitrates or nitrites making it pink.



Ham: Pig Diagram and Pork Chart


Posted 1/3/2014 9:29am by Roberta .

Socks snow 1-3-14

Happy New Year Everyone!

We spent last night listening to the wind howl and hoping the electricity stayed on.  Thankfully it did.

It was 10 degrees at 6 am and all livestock was hunkered down either in their barns or in areas they chose over their barns.  It always amazes me when I look out and see cattle that have chosen to go out to the edge of the woods.  Those woods provide a great windbreak, but still, so do these large barns we have for them.   

I finally coaxed Socks out at 8:15, and by coaxed I mean put his leash on and pushed him out the door :)   Even with his double layered coat on, Socks would rather cross his hams and wait out the cold than walk on the cold, snowy ground.  You can’t blame him, he has no boots and his clearance is only 4 inches.  Bill had already plowed the driveway and cleared the walks and paths so Socks' tummy would not touch the snow.   I couldn’t get a pic of him outside, it’s amazing how fast a little potbellied pig can run, and there was no way I was taking off my gloves!  

Now Socks is back inside with his binkies (blanket pile), warm radiators and tummy tickles.  I on the other hand am headed back out to take care of my girls.  I’ve made a big pot of oatmeal to feed to the chickens and to all of our sows.  The sows will also get some fresh hard boiled eggs.  The girls on our farm are all valuable members of the family, so taking extra special care of them in this kind of extreme weather is just as important as when it's 95 degrees in July. 

Best wishes to you all for a happy, healthy and prosperous 2014! 

Bill & Roberta







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Posted 11/28/2013 8:57am by Bill & Roberta Browning.


Browning Homestead Farm 


Today we stop all non-essential farm work and take time to give thanks, and to reflect on the generations who have farmed here before us. Did they sit around a table in the 17th century to give thanks? While it may not have been an official Thanksgiving Day, farmers celebrated the successful completion of the harvest, which meant both family and livestock would survive the winter.  Raising our livestock on what we grow, we too depend on a successful harvest to ensure our livestock is well fed over the winter.  We give thanks today for our harvest being bountiful and Mother Nature being kind.

From the bottom of our hearts, we thank you for your continued support, and for the trust you place in us to provide you with the best and healthiest birth-to-table meats.  We count each and every one of you among our blessings.  

Happy Thanksgiving!

Bill & Roberta

Bill & Roberta Browning
Browning Homestead Farm
161 Matunuck School House Road
Matunuck, RI

Eleven generations dedicated to producing wholesome food.
Posted 11/26/2013 6:59am by Roberta Browning.

While most any cut can be used for lamb stew, when we process enough lambs to have stew meat cut and packaged as “Lamb Stew Meat” we use only the shoulder. I find that the shoulder has a finer texture than the leg, and prefer to make my lamb stew from shoulder steaks, cutting the meat from the bone during preparation (briefly marinate in red wine to increase tenderness, then dredge and lightly brown in a nice olive oil). When cutting the meat from the shoulder steak bone, leave the bone whole and add the whole bone to the stew.  Bones add flavor and body to your stock. (Remember to remove the bone and all pieces of bone prior to serving!) I use the slow cooker for lamb and other stews, ensuring a long, low heat cooking process.



Posted 11/15/2013 12:37pm by Bill & Roberta Browning.

Hay rowsHay rows at Browning Homestead Farm

We are now taking pre-orders for a limited number of lambs that we will be taking for processing on November 21st. We will take pre-orders for the cuts listed below.  Delivery of the lamb orders will depend on when we get them back from Westerly Packing, most likely the end of the week of December 2nd. 

Ground Lamb (very limited per lamb)

Shoulder chops

Rib chops

Loin chops

Half Rack of ribs

Leg of Lamb, bone in (whole leg)

Leg of Lamb, bone in (half leg)

Leg of Lamb, boned & tied (whole leg)

Leg of Lamb, boned & tied (half leg)

Spare Ribs




Organ  Meats:



Kidneys (pkg of 2)

As always, our lamb is born and bred naturally on our farm, raised on just what we raise on our farm, no grain, hormones, medications or steroids.  We  sell out of our lamb fairly quickly, which is why we encourage pre-orders.  We do not want a pre-payment with your order, we just want to be able to set your lamb aside for you so you are sure to get it.

Please email with questions and/or your orders. 

Best regards,
Roberta & Bill Browning

 Browning Homestead Farm

161 Matunuck School House Road
Matunuck, RI

Eleven generations dedicated to producing wholesome food.
Posted 10/19/2013 7:31am by Bill & Roberta Browning.

Panoramic Northeast Pasture
Browning Homestead Farm 

Good morning! We are offering custom orders for Pork: rib and tenderloin roasts, hams and shoulders from pork to be processed next week. The prices are below.  The hams can be cured nitrate/nitrite free (nitrate/nitrite free hams do not look like the pink ham most people have grown up with, they are a little gray looking) or you can have them cured with the nitrites/nitrates.  The shoulder is also known as 'boston butt'.  I've inserted a photo of a pork rib roast below. 

The non-cured cuts will be ready for pickup at the first indoor market on November 9th.  Hams will take at least another week.  As always, if we get them back before ETA we will contact you and you can pick them up at your convenience.

Order through email or at the market, orders will be filled on a "first come first served" basis.

Rib and loin roasts – bone in          $12.00/LB        (3+/- lb. loin roast has 6 ribs, you may order smaller)

Boneless loin roast                         $14.00/LB 

Ham, bone in                                   $10.00/LB         (boneless available, $12.00/LB)

Shoulder (Boston Butt)                    $10.00/LB         (boneless available, $12.00/LB)

 Pork Rib Roast

Thank you!

Bill & Roberta Browning
Browning Homestead Farm
161 Matunuck School House Road
Matunuck, RI

Eleven generations dedicated to producing wholesome food.
Posted 10/2/2013 11:06am by Roberta.

Every morning Socks enjoys special fruit treats that we bring out to the front yard with our coffee. Harriett and Gladys discovered this family time, and this morning ate most of what Socks considers "his" Narrow Lane apple slices.  There was a pot-bellied pig snout out of joint at our house this morning!   Harriett and Gladys are such good natured girls it's hard to deny them participation.


Harriett & Gladys enjoy apple slices

Posted 10/1/2013 11:06am by Bill & Roberta Browning.

Panoramic Northeast Pasture
Browning Homestead Farm 

 Our apologies for having to miss the Tuesday market today.  We are in the homestretch of a bountiful harvest, which we started last Wednesday. The chopping crew is in full gear and we cannot leave the farm.

If there is something you need or want before Saturday, please call us (783-9239) or email us (  and we will be happy to make arrangements for you to pick up what you need on the farm. 

Thank you! 

Bill & Roberta Browning
Browning Homestead Farm
161 Matunuck School House Road
Matunuck, RI

Eleven generations dedicated to producing wholesome food.

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