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Posted 6/2/2011 6:33am by Roberta & Bill Browning.

We've (finally) had some warm and sunny days and everything is starting to grow on the farm now.  Lambs are being born, 6 so far, and 5 are red.  The GOS pigs are getting big, and quite rambunctious. The girls in the northeast pasture have moved into the east pasture to help those cows keep up with the grass. Calves are also being born in the south pasture, with 4 so far this spring.  Chloe is back with Adele, Lady, Irene and Cloudy, and all are happy about that.    Chloe is a wonderful Dexter cow who lets any calf nurse, so we have to keep an eye on her and make sure she's only feeding her calf.   Two years ago we had to put her in with the sheep to keep her from being drawn down too much by other calves.  Before we knew it, she was letting lambs nurse!



What's In Stock?August 9th, 2019

NOTE: 8/9/19 - Just back from Noacks: our American Guinea Hog Bacon, Kielbasa Dogs and Breakfast Sausage!  8/6/19   We are currently out of ground beef. (It's been a busy summer!)

Bacon, Kielbasa Dogs and Breakfast Sausage back in stock! August 9th, 2019

Just back from Noacks: our American Guinea Hog Bacon, Kielbasa Dogs and Breakfast Sausage! We have our AGH Sweet Italian and Hot Italian sausage in stock too. Stop by and get yours from Bill at the SK

Pork chops and sausage back in stock! July 26th, 2019

We have our pork chops and fresh Italian sausage (mild and hot) back in stock. Meanwhile our bacon and cured sausage is still at Noacks being cured, but we'll have that back in stock next week. Right

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