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Grilling season begins...

Posted 5/24/2019 11:19am by Browning Homestead Farm.

The end of May typically is the start of the grilling season in New England, although more and more people are grilling year round.  We have lots of ideas for your grill this weekend and throughout the summer.  First a few reminders and tips for cooking our BH meats. Skip to the bottom for the recipe ideas! 


Please remember to take your BH meats off the heat at about 10 degrees below the final temperature you've decided on for your final cooking temp, and then let the meat "rest" for five minutes.  Our meats are lean, grass fed and they are fresh, which means they cook faster than the grain fed and grain finished meats you buy in the grocery.   You can always put the meat back on the heat if it's not quite as well done as you prefer, but you can't fix it once it's overcooked. 


Having a few basic  tools will help make your grilling easier. (Hyper-links are for pics only, I'm not endorsing any of the stores that are linked. I've bought and you can find all of these products locally!)

INSTANT READ THERMOMETER.  An instant read thermometer is an essential tool all year round.  After buying and trying far too many meat thermometers,  my $9.99 Weber instant read thermometer has been the best, has lasted for years and has maintained accuracy.

SKEWERS. I like bamboo skewers because they don't get hot and cook the meat from the inside out.  If you have stainless skewers, just be sure to cut your cooking time to take into account the cooking from the hot skewer inside. Also check your bamboo skewers before use to make sure they aren't splintered. 

GRILLING BASKET.  I have a few of these, some deep, some shallow, and I use them for everything on the grill.  It's easier to prepare my meat, fish and vegetables and bring them to the grill in the baskets; I can turn them over easily; and I don't have to deal with my food sticking to the grill racks.  


1. There's a lot to be said for the Basic Beef Burger, an easy go-to for just you and a friend or a crowd. 

2. Kebabs are another easy go-to, and since they are best marinated, you can use the less tender cuts as well as the choicest.  Our Beef, Rose Veal, Lamb and Pork all lend themselves to marinating and grilling as kebabs.  I like to grill my meat kebabs separately from my vegetables because meat and veggies do not take the same heat and time to cook. And don't forget, if you're using metal skewers, they are going to get hot and cook from the inside out - so adjust your cooking time accordingly! 

3. Butterflied Leg of Lamb on the grill is a delicious grilled meal.  Grilled lamb chops, or grilled lamb chops marinated in greek yogurt and lemon juice, will come off the grill with a little bit of crunchy crust.  I take  our BH lamb off the heat at no more than 135 F.   and let it rest for 5 minutes.  

4.  Rose Veal on the grill (tips on grilling veal here) is another meat to add to your grilling repertoire. Try Grilled Veal Chops, a marinated Boneless Rolled Shoulder, or how about grilled Veal Scallopini ?

5.  Grilled sausages and vegetables (in foil packs on grill allows the sausage to flavor your veggies), or cook the sausage right on the grill and cut up afterward.  Sausage is so versatile, pllus it can be cut into smaller pieces to stretch your meat course! 

Happy Grilling,   


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