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Easter Lamb is ready at Browning Homestead Farm

Posted 3/21/2020 10:12am by Bill & Roberta Browning.

Browning Homestead Farm

Easter is April 12th!

To our customers and friends, we hope you are well and taking the recommended precautions during the Covid-19 crisis.  Notwithstanding the changes, restrictions and troubles of this time, Easter will come. 

We are offering "curbside" delivery by appointment.  We have been scheduling appointments at the store in half hour intervals and asking customers to stay in their cars so that we come to you with your order all bagged that we will place in your trunk or where you prefer it.   In order to limit contact during payment, we will send you an invoice in an email after putting your order together.  You are also welcome to call the farm phone (783-9239) to order.   

Lamb cuts available:

Whole leg of Lamb, bone in  (average 5 - 7 lbs each)

Lamb shanks (foreshanks only)

Ground lamb

Lamb Stew meat

Rib chops

Loin chops

Shoulder chops

Organs (kidneys, liver, heart)

If interested, please email us with any questions and for prices.  If you are having difficulties or cannot come out of your house, please let us know.  We will do our best to help and accommodate everyone's needs.  

A note from Roberta:   

Because it might help with some of the anxieties and fears that are popping up for us all during this crisis, I'd like to share some things I have learned  from the awesome Farmer I married almost 13 years ago.   

1.  I have learned that a lot of the precautions people need to take in this  crisis are familiar to me because we keep a biosecure farm. Thirteen years ago they would have felt foreign (except washing hands, washing our hands was non-negotiable, and my Mom can attest to how hard this kid tried to negotiate 'wash free days'). 

2. I have learned that it is our obligation to protect our herds by not having people who come to the farm get too close or pet them, and that when we do allow it, our protocols must be followed for both the animal and the human. 

3.  I have learned that when we bring a new breeding animal onto the farm we quarantine it for many weeks for the safety of all other animals on our farm.  We do this even though we have had them examined and health certified by a vet before they leave their former farm to come here because not all diseases present symptoms or can be detected without the passage of time. 

4.  I have learned that quarantine (social distancing) is hard on herd animals.

5.  I have learned that animals in quarantine need and want a lot more personal time and attention from Farmer and me than animals out with their herds, many of which have been known to treat us as nothing more than a bother when we don't have a treat in our hand.  

6.  I have learned that extra time and attention must include talking, touching, being where they can see us, and singing to them (okay, singing's my thing on our farm).

7. I have learned that all of that extra personal time, attention and especially talking helps soothe and calm the anxieties of that animal, anxieties that come from being alone, without a herd.  

8.  I have learned that after quarantine is over and we introduce them to their new herd (which is a multi-step process because they are complete strangers but that's not the point here) they run around, kick up their heels and moo, bah or do grunty-pig-talk as appropriate for the species, the herd does the same, and then they all settle right down and start eating grass quietly. Together.  All is well again. 

9. I have learned that talking to an animal that is anxious, that may not respond with anything more than a relaxed stretch, does me a world of good. 

Bill and I have confidence that as a community we will weather this crisis.  In the meantime, we encourage everyone to use those cell phones to reach out and TALK!  Skype, Facetime and other similar apps are great for talking and seeing each other, but talking is so easy, no special apps to learn!  Our voices are powerful tools that connect us, soothe us and calm us.  Love, caring and support comes through in our voices so much better than in a text or email.   In addition to the above suggestions that have proven helpful to us we have taken advantage of our Pastor Angela's call-in prayer group and this Sunday we'll "attend" her first live streaming service to which all are welcome. Church in PJs!  Unless you have a working farm and you're up and out long before church, then it's church in barn clothes.   

God bless you all and keep you safe.  

Roberta and Bill



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Eleven generations dedicated to family farm stewardship and producing wholesome food.

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